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Our Behavioral Health Department has highly trained and experienced therapists with University of Michigan graduate students in training who are committed to assisting community members in finding solutions to a variety of problems. These include, but are not limited to, personal issues, internal family problem solving, and individual functioning in school, the workplace, our cultural community and the larger community. Our methods begin with incorporating cultural traditions as our focus, and we may include, as necessary, larger community supporting approaches as indicated in our sessions. Each session usually lasts one hour.

Our team is personally committed to serving all members of our community by helping you to focus on solutions oriented to solve difficult and routine problems that may interfere with your family, personal harmony and efforts to be successful. Please feel free to call as your needs dictate.

General Guideline requirements for treatment in Behavior Health:

   • Driver's license or state identification
   • Status card
   • Insurance information
   • Proof of income

American Indian Health and Family Services has a medical clinic that is open to persons with or without insurance. If a person has insurance they will need to bring that information at each visit to ensure coverage; if a person does not have insurance they must bring in proof of income to qualify for the sliding fee discount; co-pay will be determined once income eligibility has been determined. Patients who are not insured are responsible to pay for 1/2 of all lab tests.

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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