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FAQs & Resources

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Q - Do you have an agency brochure we can download?
A - Yes, just click here to begin download (1 MB).

Q - Who is eligible for services at AIHFS?
A - American Indians enrolled in a federally and state recognized tribes are eligible for services. However, we do not turn ANYONE away.

Q - How do I pay for services?
A - Indian Health Service does not pay Urban Indian Health Organizations the full cost of services, only a portion. They require us to bill for some portion of services provided. We charge co-pay fees according to what your insurance requires or if you are uninsured we charge you an office visit fee on a sliding fee scale basis (pdf).
We also have: discounted fee application, payment agreements, and Hardship Policy.
More details are on our "Who We Serve" menu or you can call billing department for details at 313-846-3718.


Q - Can I use your services if AIHFS providers are NOT my assigned Primary Care Provider(PCP)?
A - Yes, but your insurance company may NOT pay for it. It is your responsibility to let your insurance company know that you would like AIHFS as your PCP. If AIHFS is not your assigned PCP they may not pay for services rendered including:
a. Office visits
b. Prescriptions
c. Outside Referrals/Tests

Q - What insurances do you accept?
A - As of 6-22-21, we accept the following: Please click here for a pdf of the insurances

Q - Do you offer volunteer opportunities?
A - Yes, we do and thank you for your interest! We have a wide variety of offerings. Click this link to  download our brochure about volunteering. Click this link to watch our volunteer orientation video. For more info, please email to: volunteer@aihfs.org

American Indian Health and Family Services is open to persons with or without insurance. If a person wishes to use their insurance, they will need to bring that information to the initial visit to ensure coverage; if a person does not have insurance they must bring proof of income to qualify for the sliding fee discount;co-pay will be determined once income eligibility is considered.

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