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Ages 25 and Older

Zero Suicide operates in support of the medical, behavioral, and cultural services at AIHFS. Zero Suicide is a belief that all deaths by suicide are preventable. We are a suicide prevention initiative with an organizational commitment to provide consistent follow-up and collaborative care management across the health spectrum.

Zero Suicide Services Include:

  • Conduct Hope and Wellness Screenings for suicide risk 
  • Provide training and resources
  • Implement policies and procedures to improve suicide care management 
  • Promote systematic change and a high-reliability culture around suicide care management

Hope and Wellness Screening
Hope and Wellness Screenings are a comprehensive screening for suicide risk. Participants in the Hope and Wellness Screening receive referrals and information on resources, a follow-up call, and a $20 gift card.

  • We also offer the Hope and Wellness Screening at our Agency on a scheduled basis. 
  • Please contact us if you are interested in providing these screenings at your organization. 
  • Contact us if you would like training in the Hope and Wellness Screening and the Hope and Wellness Toolkit. 
For more information or to schedule a screening appointment call (313) 846-6030 

If you have any questions regarding these events, trainings or establishing partnerships, please contact:
Jordan Blechert, Program Manager
Ashley Fairbanks, Program Assistant
Ph. 313-846-6030

Zero Suicide
Mission Statement
We believe that we can reach and sustain Zero Suicides amongst adults served by our behavioral health clinic, medical clinic, and community wellness programs. Any individual suffering from suicidal ideation or at risk of suicide deserves timely, consistent, and culturally appropriate care. We believe that we can achieve a perfect system of care for those at risk of suicide. We will utilize the 7 Elements of the Zero Suicide model – Lead, Train, Identify, Engage, Treat, Transition, and Improve – as a catalyst for systemic change and improvement of suicide prevention and management at American Indian Health and Family Services. Our Zero Suicide program will rely on aggressive collaboration and innovation across departments, professions, disciplines, and community-cultural lines. We will utilize the latest research and treatment methods, while respecting and including traditional medicine and healing available in our community as a bulwark of our prevention model. As a result of the implementation of the Zero Suicide model, the total population of adults served by our behavioral clinic, medical clinic, and family and community programs, as well as those amongst our staff and volunteers, will reach and maintain Zero Suicides.
The 7 Elements of Zero Suicide:

Create a Leadership-driven, safety-oriented culture committed to reducing suicide among people under care, and include survivors of suicide attempts and suicide loss in leadership and planning roles.

Train and develop a competent, confident, and caring workforce.

Identify and assess suicide risk and substance abuse among people receiving care.

Engage individuals in ensuring that they have a pathway to care that is timely, adequate meets their needs, and includes a collaborative safety plan and means restriction.

Treat with evidence-based treatments that target suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Provide treatments and services connected to Practice Based Evidence (Traditional Medicine, Traditional Healing).

Transition to the provision of continuous contact and support, especially after acute care.

Improve our system by applying data-driven, quality improvement approaches to inform system changes to lead to improved patient outcomes and care for those at risk.
We can always gain new skills in crisis intervention, suicide prevention and systemic change to improve suicide prevention. The Zero Suicide Project can provide training, materials, resources, and information to assist you and your organization in improving suicide prevention capability. Please contact the Zero Suicide Project at American Indian Health and Family Services if you or your organization are interested in receiving information on the following trainings:

Trainings and Resources


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Mental Health First Aid

Suicide to HOPE

LivingWorks Start (online suicide awareness training)

Zero Suicide Foundational Overview

Screening for Suicide at your organization

Assistance with Implementing the Zero
Suicide model at your organization

Hope and Wellness Screening

The Zero Suicide Project regularly provides free Hope and Wellness Screenings, a comprehensive screening for suicide risk, at community events and for health care and social service organizations. Participants in the Hope and Wellness Screening receive referrals and information on resources, a follow up call, a $20 gift card, and a gift. We also offer the Hope and Wellness Screening at our Agency on a scheduled basis. Please contact us if you are interested in providing these screenings at your organization to improve identification of individuals at risk for suicide, or if you would like training in the Hope and Wellness Screening and the Hope and Wellness Toolkit.

Zero Suicide AIHFS YouTube Playlist (In the Works)

Motivation, Inspiration, Achievement, Systemic Change, Community, Individual and Organizational Health, Aspiration Goals, HopeFULness…these are but a few key aspects of our approach to suicide prevention. Our YouTube playlist, will display speeches, motivational talks, instructional or teaching videos (TEDTalk), content related to the Zero Suicide Approach (for advocates, clinicians, healthcare workers, and healthcare organizations), motivational videos and music, and resources focused on improvement of mental health. The YouTube playlist will also feature videos and multimedia recording of Zero Suicide activities and events.

The Zero Suicide AIHFS YouTube playlist is always under development. Suggestions for material and videos can be sent to
Zero Suicide is always seeking active volunteers to:

Assist with trainings (must hold up to date instructor certification)

Participate in Community Focus Groups

Provide advice from Lived Experience on how best to achieve program objectives

Outreach and networking

Assist with screening events as a screener (must meet requirements to provide screenings)

Assist with Traditional Medicine and Ceremonies (Fire keeper for Sweat Lodges, Participation in Men’s or Women’s groups)

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